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Fat Myths That Are Keeping You From Losing Weight

The word fat has such negative connotations in our culture that many of us shy away from foods that contain it. But dietary fat is a very different thing than the fat cells we carry in our bodies—and we need to eat it for good health. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about the macronutrient called fat, and the truth that can really ease your mind (and improve your meals!).

Keep scrolling for the deets on body-nourishing fats, plus the healthy fats and fatty foods that belong on your grocery list.

Myth: All fats are unhealthy.

This myth oversimplifies the types of fats we consume in our diets. The word “fat” might seem scary, but remember the two categories of fat we mentioned above? While eating trans fats and saturated fats can have unhealthy effects like raising cholesterol, healthy dietary fats actually have several benefits.

Consuming good fats in moderation can improve heart health and help your body absorb vitamins A, D, E, and K. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats can also reduce inflammation, boost memory, and even promote healthy pregnancies.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds pack a whole lot of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids in a teensy package. According to research from 2002, the oil in chia seeds is made up of 25 percent omega-3s and 75 percent omega-6s. This is a super-healthy balance for fatty acids.

It’s easy to add chia seeds to your diet too. Whip up some chia seed pudding, bake them into muffins, or stir some into your water.

Weight Loss Myth: Stay Away From All Fats

Not all fats are bad- some may even help you in weight loss! Consuming polyunsaturated fats can actually help your body burn more fat. Therefore, consuming foods like olive oil, coconut oil, ghee, egg yolks, nuts may help in weight loss.


Too much of anything can make you put on pounds. But the truth behind this myth about fat and cholesterol is that foods high in fat can help you feel full for longer. This can help you lose weight if that is your goal, as there is less desire to snack on unhealthy stuff in between meals. I’ve written a post on healthy snack foods, and on the list of snacks, you will find both hard-boiled eggs and heart-healthy nuts. The combination of fats and proteins make them ideal.

Taking supplements can accelerate weight loss

The market is flooded with weight loss supplements that claim to show massive results. But no, they don’t work for everybody. The only reason why they could work for some people is because of the placebo effect. People fall prey to smart marketing tactics and start feeling the need to have supplements, becoming increasingly conscious of what they eat naturally.

The bottom line is that you must make yourself aware of the complex relationship between food, your body, and your weight. Instead of blindly hankering after myths or fads, try following an evidence-based approach.

Myth– Take weight loss supplements to lose weight

This is one of those weight loss myths that can prove to be dangerous and very bad for your overall health. In most cases, weight loss pills and supplements can be dangerous, or not work at all, and may instead harm your health.

According to the FDA, or the Food and Drug Administration, many weight loss supplements do not contain any ingredients that can help you lose weight safely, instead, they contain ingredients that are often used in prescription drugs, especially the kinds that are not openly allowed in the market as they are considered to be unsafe and bad for overall health.

Weight Loss Myth: All Carbohydrates Are Bad

Carbohydrates have got a bad rapport among people wanting to lose weight- this why low-carb diets have become very popular. But carbohydrates from whole grains and fruits are important for a healthy body and mind. Moreover, removing one full food group from your diet is not good for weight loss as it is not sustainable and people tend to cheat more often on low carb diets.

Myth: Fad diets work

“Fad diets work for many people — but not for long,” Wilson explains. “As soon as you go off of that fad diet, the pounds pile back on.”

These diets are rarely sustainable for longer than a few months. They also often have convoluted rules and requirements that can end up costing you extra money.

The tried and true, but not all that exciting, method of eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly is the way to lose weight and keep it off, Wilson says. This needs to come in the form of a lifestyle change.



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